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Hate to leave your pet behind?  Wish they could come with you wherever you go? 

Pet”ables can help! 

We can use fur or fluff from your pet(s) to create wearable art.  You send us a small amount of “fluff.” We will hand spin it into yarn and then hand weave it into a unique accessory.  You can choose a cuff, a pendant, or a key chain.  Now, your best friend can always be by your side! 


Your pet can stay with you at home, work, school, or even after they cross the rainbow bridge.

Please download and print the Pettables Order Form and follow the instructions below.

Download and print the order form here:  Pettables Order Form PDF

Pay your deposit here: “Pet”ables Deposit

Step 1: Pay your $25 deposit and fill out the order form. *If you are ordering a cuff, please see the special instructions at the bottom of the page! 

Step 2: Collect fluff from your pet(s) in a small baggie. 

Step 3: Send us your completed order form and the fluff! 

Step 5: Allow 2 to 3 weeks for completion of your “Pet”ables creation.  We will send you an invoice for the remaining $30 once your accessory has been completed. 

Step 6:  We will send you your “Pet”able accessory, so you can enjoy it! 

*Special Instructions for cuff orders only!* 

Find the paw print in the top corner of the order form.

The Paw print will look like this: 

Starting from that corner, wrap the edge of the order form around your wrist and mark where the paw print meets the paper.  That will show us exactly how long to make your cuff. 


Download and print the order form here:  Pettables Order Form PDF