Silky Rainbow Purse


A rainbow of silk is what  covers this unique hand woven purse.  The beautiful rainbow warp is made from sari silk.   The weft is textured linen.  Inside, there are 6 pockets to hold your cell phone, glasses, keys, and whatever else you need to keep organized.  The shoulder strap is spun from sari silk and the linen weft yarns and loosely crocheted.  The bow feature can shorten the strap or be undone to add extra length.  The button is hand turned from purple heart wood accented with a brass etching of Pluff Mudd Farm’s signature goat image.  Tassels add some extra “bling” on each side.  Bag measures approximately 8″ wide by 12″ tall.  Strap measures 31″ from shoulder. *This is as long as the strap can be.  The bow feature can shorten it to customize the fit.  Add some color to your outfit!


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